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Since I was a boy, I have avidly read and absorbed all the books, movies, and stories about World War II I could get my hands on. Because of my enthusiasm for the causes, history, events, and its significance to our world and society, I can say with some modesty that I have accumulated a substantial body of knowledge on the subject. Although it may not be the most reliable indicator of my World War II expertise, I correctly answer without fail every question posed on television quiz shows like “Jeopardy” and “Hollywood Squares.” Therefore, I consider myself a “gifted amateur” when it comes to many details about World War II.

My enthusiasm for all topics about World War II turned into a more constructive activity by writing a book about the Battle of Leyte Gulf. It was entitled Afternoon of the Rising Sun published by Presidio Press. Although the book is out of print now and only available in the used book market, I learned much what it takes to write a book. I am now working on a new book about the Pacific War and focusing on naval battles. My long term objective is to write a series of books about naval warfare during World War II in the Pacific and then attempt a novel. Since retiring from IBM over ten years ago, I believe I have found a vocation as a writer. I find the activity thought provoking and, in the long term, satisfying.

I now live in the San Francisco Bay area with my wife of over 30 years, Lydia, and our cat. All my children are grown, and I am a proud grandparent.

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