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Readers Comments' (cont'd)


  • “. . . I want to recommend Dr. Friedman's very well researched written work, "Afternoon of The Rising Sun." Since very shortly after the war I have read almost every account that I could find. We were there serving as the unwitting bait for the three pronged Japanese attack force. We were aware at some point we were in severe jeopardy but never really knew just how much until later. It was then and always has been very difficult to put it all in proper time sequence. Dr. Friedman makes it much more understandable. . .” -- Jimmie A. P. - Grand Terrace, CA - USA Go to the top of the page
  • “. . . Ken has written an excellent book. If I had to speak for the book, it is that Ken has achieved to goals with the book. First, he has given a very good overview of the battle without losing the reader. Leyte Gulf is not one battle, but actually a number of battles over a massive area. Keeping track of what is going on can be a duanting task. Second, he has given a good insight into the thinking of those in command. Rather than the stock "Kurita was tightlipped" or "Halsey was aggressive," Ken goes into detail as to the personalities behind these decisions. . . A very good book. I have been enjoying reading it.” -- Drew H. - Bentonville, AR - USA Go to the top of the page
  • “I just finished reading Afternoon of the Rising Sun and have found it very comprehensive. . . . I too have read quite a few books on the Layte Gulf Battle and found that this one is understandable. I didn't have to backtrack just to figure out who, when or where he [the author] was talking about. Thank you, Ken, for an excellent book. -- Deborah R. - Opp, AL - USA Go to the top of the page
  • This book takes a complex battle and explains it in such a way that the reader can easily understand what happened and when. The author seems to have spent considerable time doing the research for this work because he offers so much information from the Japanese perspective as well as the American. I particularly enjoyed the detail he went into explaining and analyzing the reasons the commanders made the decisions they did. Written in an easy, flowing narrative style, the book is one that I could not put down once I started reading it. It was a real page turner. A must read for those who want to know more about World War II in the Pacific!Dan R. - Santa Fe, NM - USA Go to the top of the page
  • The Afternoon of the Rising Sun is a fabulous account of one of the major sea battles of WWII. The subject of Leyte gets kind of buried beneath the accounts of Pearl Harbor and Midway, so, thank you Ken for making your book available to those of us who would like to increase our knowledge on the Battle of Leyte [Gulf].  I found that the amount of detail is just perfect -- not too minute as to be boring, and yet plenty of information so that the reader will know exactly what is going on.  Most people would not associate this subject matter as being of particular interest to a female, but I found it to be MOST interesting. The definitions at the beginning of the book, and the parenthetical inserts through out the book were a great touch. I especially liked the account of MacArthur fulfilling his promise to return to the Phillipines. Thanks Ken for a great book. When can we expect your next one?” -- Jeanne S. - Bogart, GA - USA Go to the top of the page
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