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When did it all happen


Calendar of Events - The Battle of Leyte Gulf - October, 1944



October 20

General Douglas MacArthur lands on Leyte Island and begins to achieving his long-held goal to liberate the Philippines.

October 23

American submarines ambush the Japanese Center Force in Palawan Passage.

October 24

Japanese aircraft attack the American Third Fleet. The light carrier Princeton is lost.

October 24

The  Battle of the Sibuyan Sea. The Japanese lose the battleship Musashi.

October 24-25

The Battle of Surigao Strait. The American Navy defeats the Japanese Southern Force.

October 24-25

The Japanese Northern Force lures all of Admiral Halsey’s Task Force 38 north, leaving the San Bernardino Strait unguarded.

October 25

Admiral Shima’s cruiser force fails to support the Japanese Southern Force and instead retreats.

October 25

The Battle off Samar. American planes and ships defeat the Japanese Center Force in air and surface battles.

October 25

The Battle off Cape Engaño. The Northern Force is destroyed.

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